About This Film

The 23rd Psalms is one of the most popular passages of scripture. Often it is the most quoted, most memorized, and most recited by children and adults of all ages. This short film brings the 23rd Psalms to life through beautiful imagery, narration, and soft music.

The Story

This short film is a visual representation of the 23rd Psalms, "The Lord is my Shepherd". Day and night, morning and evening, the "Good Shepherd" takes care, provides for, and protects his flock of sheep.

The Message

Just as the shepherd of this story provides and protects his flock of sheep, our Lord in Heaven provides and protects us as well. No matter what life may bring, our Lord is with us. Jesus is our "Good Shepherd".

Film Info

Title: The Good Shepherd: A Visual Journey of Psalms 23
Format: Video On Demand, Roku
Language: English
Quality: HD 1080p
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Rating: Not Rated
Release Date: May 2016
Duration: 6min 10 sec

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Film Art

The Shepherd - 2
Green Pastures
Quiet Stream
Valley of the Shadow of Death
Sun Set
Noon Day Sun